New Mexico Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) Program

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Welcome to the New Mexico Certified Crop Adviser (NMCCA) Program. The NMCCA program is part of the largest certification program in agriculture in the United States and Canada. Being a certified adviser in New Mexico provides you with access to up-to-date agronomic information and training that can benefit you on the farm or in your consulting business. Over 14,000 individuals are certified through the national and International (Canada) CCA programs. If you are a farmer, adviser or crop consultant or work within agriculture to provide growers information on agronomic practices, the New Mexico CCA program can help keep you up to date on new research and production information for yourself or your clients.

The purpose of the NMCCA program is to certify that individuals working in agronomy and advising others on agronomic principles, have a professional level of expertise. The NMCCA program also provides up-to-date information that affects New Mexico growers. With the diversity of crops grown in New Mexico, the NMCCA program will help provide a broad diversity of cropping information to you through both active programs around the state and through accredited programming on the Internet.

For additional information on the New Mexico and International CCA program contact one of the New Mexico CCA Certification Board Members oo Robert Flynn 575-748-1228

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